Windows 11 Upgrades for X-ray Computers

Microsoft is touting their new operating system, Windows 11. We’re being told that the upgrade can be done as easily as a regular Windows update. However, please be careful about allowing this update on your x-ray computer. Most x-ray software is not yet confirmed to be compatible to run on Win 11.
If you have a digital detector system (CR or DR), we recommend blocking the Win 11 update on your x-ray computer until you have confirmed that the software will work after the upgrade.
  • If you purchased your x-ray system from us, contact us to find out if you should allow the update or how to block it.
  • If you didn’t purchase from us, we may be able to advise you on this update, depending on the type of system you have. We sell and support a variety of CR and DR systems.
  • If your x-ray computer is still on Win 7 or Win XP, you should know that those operating systems are no longer HIPAA-compliant. Contact us to find out how to come into compliance!

Need help figuring out which operating system you’re running? Check your OS!