Radiation Safety Policy
This document was put out by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) and contains everything you need to know about maintaining a proper radiation safety program
Radiation Protection Program Guidance

Facility Responsibilities
This document lays out all your responsibilities as a company that owns x-ray equipment in the State of Colorado
Facility Responsibilities

ALARA annual review 
Feel free to take this form to use as documentation of an annual radiation safety review
ALARA document for industrial facilities

ALARA document for healing arts facilities

State Forms

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requires that each facility housing x-ray machines and each machine is registered.

Facility registration
Generally, each facility with radiation machines must register each year. Use this form to register a new facility, or renew or update an existing facility.
Application for Registration, X-ray Facility (R-4)

Disposing or Transferring X-ray Machines
Use this form to notify the state when a machine is no longer in service at your facility.
Disposition of Radiation Machines (R-61)

Report of Assembly
For newly installed machines, the state requires a report of assembly. One way to do this is to file this form.
CDPHE Form 2579

More state forms
More forms and directions can be found on the CDPHE web site.inspection
X-ray and mammography forms and applications

Radiation Safety

Understanding Radiation Safety 
This powerpoint and companion handout cover the basics of what radiation is, why it can be dangerous, and how to protect yourself when working around it. It is an excellent start to any radiation safety program and/or an annual ALARA review.



The Reality of Dental Radiation
An article written by Atom Physics’s medical physicist about dental radiation.
The Reality of Dental Radiation


Dosimetry Exemption
If you believe your office should be exempt from dosimetry regulations
Dosimetry Waiver Request (R-400)

Quarterly Report Information
Information about what your quarterly readings from your Instadose badges mean
Quarterly Report Sheet

Instadose Badges
How to download the Instadose app and take a reading
Instadose Information

X-ray Room Posters

Notice to Employees
The state provides a notice to employees that all facilities should post.
Notice to Employees

Pregnancy Warning
A sign to remind pregnant patients to tell the x-ray technician of their pregnancy.
Pregnancy Sign

Caution Radiation Area Sign
Download and print this radiation warning sign
Caution Sign

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