Monitoring Radiation Dose: Dosimeters and Monitoring Staff Radiation Dose

In Colorado, all facilities with x-ray equipment must have a radiation safety program. This often includes personal dosimetry badges for staff to wear. These devices are sometimes referred to as film badges, from a time when the dosimeters actually contained little pieces of x-ray film. These pieces of film would then be developed every few weeks, and the blackness of the film correlated to the amount of radiation exposure the person had experienced.  These days, the dosimeters are more sophisticated and accurate.

When you are wearing a dosimeter, it is important that it be worn properly so that it is an accurate reflection of the dose that you received.  Use the following guidelines:

  1. If you are issued one dosimeter, wear it on your collar or chest pocket.  If you put on a lead apron, be sure that the dosimeter is outside of the lead.
  2. If you are issued two dosimeters, wear one of them on your collar or chest pocket, and one of them on your waist.  If you put on a lead apron, make sure the collar dosimeter is outside the lead and the waist dosimeter is under the lead.
  3. If you are pregnant and issued a fetal badge, keep the dosimeter down by your waist.  If you put on a lead apron, make sure the dosimeter is under the lead.  You want the badge to mimic as closely as possible the dose to the fetus

If your facility needs dosimetry badges, contact Atom Physics and we can recommend a dosimetry badge provider.