How does it work?

Instead of mailing your badge off every few months, just connect your badge directly to your smartphone. It’s easy; just download the app, hold the badge near your phone, and press the button on the back of the badge. For a more detailed set of instructions, see our Instadose badge reading instructions

What if I forget to take a reading?

Atom Physics recommends taking a reading once a month so that we can monitor your doses. However, we know it’s hard to remember to take readings, so we send out reminders monthly. But don’t worry if you haven’t taken a reading in a while! Your badge is constantly collecting dosage data, even if you don’t read it. 

Picture of 6 instadose badges of assorted colors
X-ray image of a toolbox

What do I do with these quarterly reports?

Nothing! Before sending out reports, Atom Physics reviews your doses to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. However, if you want to learn more about your doses and what they mean, see our dose information sheet. This includes analysis from our own medical physicist and expected readings from various industries.